Here you can find a selection of talks which we have organized in the past. Of course this does not mean that we will never organize a talk on this topic again. If you are interested in some topics, or even want to give a speech, please contact us, or join us in of our regular meetings.

Talks of the Student Branch


Industrielle Messmaschinen - eine Herausforderung an Software

Am Montag den 8. Juni hielt Achim Sonntag, ein Mitarbeiter der Firma Micro-Epsilon, einen Vortrag über die Herausforderungen die in Software für industriellen Messmaschinen bewältigt werden muss.

Zu Beginn stellte er sich kurz selbst, und danach die Micro-Epsilon vor. Seit über 45 Jahren arbeitet diese Firma im Bereich der Wegmessung …


Moderne Software für Endkunden entwickeln

Am 11. Mai 2015 hielt Alexander Hofmann, technischer Geschäftsführer der Firma
MaibornWolff GmbH, bei uns einen Vortrag zum Thema "Moderne Software für
Endkunden bauen"
Die Geschäftsbereiche von MaibornWolff umfassen IT-Beratung und Software-Engineering
für Kunden wie z.B. Daimler, BMW, DB und DLR. Ein großes Augenmerk liegt dabei
auf Forschung & Entwicklung …


On the 30th of April, a talk on Android App Development was held by Marco and Nico who are both members of our Student Branch Passau. There were about 30 attendees present, showing that the Android framework seems to be something a lot of students are interested in.

Firstly, the …


Single Page Applications with AngularJS

On 2015-01-15 our members Max and Sibi showed the JavaScript framework "AngularJS" to us. It's a framework to create so called Single Page Applications, developed by Google and a huge community.

Using simple examples of how the framework could be used, they showed us how to use AngularJS (the slides …


Vim - the modern IDE

On Thursday, May 22, Olaf and Andreas were invited to give a talk about VIM and how easy it is to work with it. At the beginning, Olaf showed us basic commands like :wq and dd, which should be known by every VIM user. After that he gave us an …


Research Talk with Philipp Jovanovic: Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware

At the 28th of January 2013, Philipp Jovanovic, a researcher at the Chair of Mathematics with focus Symbolic Computation, gave a talk about „Attacks on Cryptographic Hardware”.

The slides can be downloaded here.

Abstract: Algebraische Fehlerbasierte Angriffe

Die Untersuchung kryptographischer Verfahren auf ihre Stärke, sprich auf ihre Sicherheit, ist die …


Git talk

git-Special-plakat Git is one of the most commonly used distributed version control systems (VCS). It has been developed by Linus Torvalds and is known for being used as the VCS for the Linux kernel. In comparison to other VCS, such as Subversion, distributed VCS do not rely on a central repository …

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