Who is the most successful coder? Who will build the most intelligent AI? Or simply: Who creates the best protection for an egg?

At out thrilling competitions you will not only have a lot of fun and be confronted with new challenges, but you can also win cool awards!
There are different skills required, that mostly (but not always) will include technical skills.

Interested? Look at our last competitions here. Stay tuned! The next event is just ahead!

If you liked our competitions and want to take part in an international challenge, you may join us ant take part in the IEEE xtreme, an international 24-hour coding-competition.

Competitions of the Student Branch


JRobots 2018

On Saturday, 01.12.2018 it was time once again for a jRobots Competition. The developer of the framework, Ray, and a representative of our sponsor Cipsoft, Tobias, came to the University of Passau to hold the event.


jRobots 2016


On June 11, we again had a jRobots event.

For this event, Wolfgang Scholz of iteratec and Raymund Fülöp of Cipsoft came to Passau to hold the competition. Again, the fights were interesting due to a changed ruleset of the framework, which caused the participants to think of new algorithms …


Advent calendar


Slides of the award presentation (german): here

By now it's already a small tradition: the award-winning programming advent claendar of the IEEE Student Branch Passau. The 4th time in a row there will be a daily programming task set during advent time. Everyone may participate and the are cool prizes …


IEEEXtreme 9.0

The IEEEXtreme is a yearly international programming competition hosted by IEEE, where students all over the world try to solve programming challenges over the course of 24 hours.
Four teams of three students form Passau took part in this year's competition. Further we were joined by two teams from the …

Kanban-Pizza Game

Unser Sponsor msgGillardon war am 28. Mai mit einem Workshop zu Kanban-Systemen bei uns zu Gast. Bei agilen Entwicklungsmethoden wird auch besonders auf Effizienz geachtet werden, sodass keine Ressource ungenutzt bleibt. Es wird also nur beim Vorgänger im Produktionsfluss angefragt, wenn eine Nachfrage besteht. Dies wird im Prinzip auch bei …

Looking back to the Eggdrop Contest 2015

This year, again as part of the Campusfest, our 6. Eggdrop Contest recently took place. Despite of rainy weather in the afternoon of May 23 14 teams took the challenge of constructing a device called "Eggdropper" to protect a raw egg from breaking while falling from a height of 20 …

IEEE Advent calendar 2014 retrospect

With our prize giving ceremony at the 26.01.2015 the advent calendar 2014 has completed. Thanks to all participants and we congratulate the winners alefu, 3_of_8, conan_the_librarian, Frodewin, ChiliconCarne and Mat2095!
This year we had 91 registered participants and a total of 2,309 submissions. The outcome of this …

IEEE Advent calendar

Advent calendarIEEE SB Passau offers this Christmas season an Advent calendar again. Every day take a new chance to open a window of our calendar and solve the problem behind it.
If you have completed all tasks successfully and have passed the test cases, a Raspberry Pi B+ may be waiting …
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