Here you can find a selection of talks which we have organized in the past. Of course this does not mean that we will never organize a talk on this topic again. If you are interested in some topics, or even want to give a speech, please contact us, or join us in of our regular meetings.

Talks of the Student Branch


Public-Key Cryptography for Dummies

In modern days, cryptography is a very important part of many aspects of our modern society―especially in the Internet: safe communication between websites needs to be ensured to keep 3rd parties from interfering, the process of logging into a website or accessing online databases. Thanks to Prof Zumbrägel and his talk "Public-Key Cryptography for Dummies", we had the opportunity to gain insights into the basics of cryptography.


All About Siltronic

A basic component of all electronic systems today are high purity silicon wafers. These are produced by only a few companies in the world. One of them reports about challenges in their industry.


Basics of Embedded Hardware Design

Rafael Bachmann honored our Student Branch with a talk about hardware design from scratch. This means no arduino and nothing preassembled, only the plain components designed and soldered by yourself.


Continuous Integration for Everybody

Setting up Continous Integration for a project can be quick and easy. Using a Java project with Maven, Jenkins and GitLab as an example, Thomas showed us how they ensure code quality at ONE LOGIC.


Git - Advanced usage and details

Development as a team is an important part of every bigger IT project. Version control are essential for this even if they bing some pitfalls you may want to avoid.



On the 5/17 we were honored by ex-student branch member Tobias Hilbig from Munich, who shared his knowledge about crypto-currencies and so called "Smart Contracts". He gave a technical introduction on how the blockchain functions, how crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, developed and how realistic the relevance of this topic might …


What Mathematics does in the Brain—Mathematics and Brain Research

Professor Sauer held a very interesting presentation about the topic. He showed some examples of how mathematics impact the brain and how diverse the separate areas in our head react to different numbers and methods. He also made great use of his own experiences in this field he gained from …


Tools for your SEP

Like every year we will show a selection of tools that are useful for the SEP (Software Engineering Project). The event will be held in HS11 (IM).


Research Talks by the Chair of Software Engineering

On June, 13th, 2016 three PhD students of Professor Apel’s Chair of Software Engineering visited us: Alexander Grebhahn, Claus Hunsen, and Andreas Stahlbauer. All three gave us an introduction into their research topics.

The first talk by Alexander Grebhahn was about non-functional properties and optimization. It is a significant …

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