Preparation course

As every semester, there is a preparation course, which is held in the week before the lectures start. It includes an introduction to Unix, Emacs and the computer pools held by the pool administrators, a guided tour through the libary, a talk about the possibilities at university, e.g. visting foreign countries (held by IEEE and Fachschaft). You will have the possibility and time to get to know the campus, the pubs and your collegues.

In short: The preperation course is a MUST for everyone who wants to study successful, because a study in computer science is at least one: Teamwork!

What do the CIP-Pool adminstrators?

  • Introduction into Linux/Computer
  • Guided tour through the library

What does IEEE and Fachschaft do?

  • Guided tour around the campus
  • Talk "How does a student work?"
  • Pub crawl
  • Campfire evening

What do YOU do?

  • Get to know new computers
  • Get to know the university
  • Get to know the professors
  • Get to know each other
  • Get to know us

The registration for the preperation courses is done by Klaus Schießl and Franz Rautmann (our CIP-Pool administrators).

The Fachschaft also has some information for the preparation course.

You can get some information for the central preparation courses, especially for other studies and Lehramt/Teacher study, on site of the faculty and university.