Powerpoint Karaoke

What happens if you task a computer scientist to present a random paper?

They do a random presentation!

On October 29, 2018, fourteen participants demonstrated their presentation skills in this year's PowerPoint karaoke. All volunteers had to pick a presentation, which they have never seen before. In a spontaneous, creative and funny way, the lecturers presented (not very serious) topics like "How Hanna (79) is Using the Internet", "Internet Addiction - How the Internet Brings us to Higher Levels of Consciousness" or "Self Assessment for University Entrants - Demotivating Students to Achieve Lower Numbers of Students". We also learned facts about Bavaria (its only relevant cultural achievement seems to be beer) and some Japanese vocabulary (so we can now also say 'beer' in Japanese). The slides convinced the audience with marvelous animations, catchy colors and an ideal structure and the lecturers inspired the audience with a lot of humor and performances using all available means (acting, singing,...). All in all, it was a very funny event where everybody got the chance to work on his/her presentation skills.