PowerPoint Karaoke

What do you get if you let some computer science students go to a conference with a randomly generated paper?

They give a randomly generated talk! And you can do the same!

What happens there?

Every participant gives a paper. He will get a projector, a notebook, the audience and the slides from us. Disadvantage: The participant gets slides he has never seen before.
In Short: impromptu presentations of each participant

When and where?

We had several PowerPoint Karaoke Events in the past. On the 11. April 2013, 13. July 2009, the 08. May 2008 and on the 13. June 2007. We currently have no scheduled another appointment, but we will organise this maybe in the future.

The rules

Everybody is allowed to participate. He or she only have to made an impromptu presentation about unknown slides.

You can bring some slides to this event, whether you want. There are some regulations to comply with:

  • The slides must be online and used by a person.
  • The slides should be understand without special knowledge. It seems that math-slides aren't so well.
  • Good slides are e.g. slides from a local club or public events

How does this look like?

Here are some pictures of the event in 2007.