Linux Install Party

The IEEE student branch Passau has been hosting Linux install parties since 2004.

IEEE-TuxIf you would like to try out the Linux feeling which you know from the CIP pool on your own computer, join us on one of our Linux install parties. Everybody is invited to these events, in particular our dear freshmen. Our competent and experienced Linux gurus help you to take the first steps on your way to the fascinating world of the open source operating system.

Currently we do not have any concrete plans for the next Linux install party. However, Linux (particularly Ubuntu) is very easy to install nowadays. We are sure you will be able to do this on your own.

Eligibility requirements

If you want to participate, your need be at least 18 years old or come with a parent. Furthermore your should not be afraid of trying out alternative operating systems and you should be able to backup your files, as much as knowing which parts a computer consists of. The attendance is free.


Since we don't want to leave you alone with your new Linux system, we offer a couple of talks on various topics around Linux, too.

For example, we had these topics for beginners at our last event:

  • Installation and introduction to Ubuntu Linux
  • Applications
  • Shell
  • Remote usage
  • Interaktion with Windows systems
  • Shellscripting
  • Games for Linux

Moreover there were some lectures for advanced Linux users who want to learn something new:

  • Compiling from source
  • Kernel compiling
  • FTP-Server
  • Perl
  • Mailserver
  • Iptables
  • System programming
  • Zimbra Groupware

You want to contribute?

Every help for hosting the events is very welcome, especially in the area of guiding new users on their way to Linux or giving a short lecture on a topic of your choice.