JRobot Coding Convention

The current JRobots-Framework

The current JRobots-Framework

One team, one robot, one arena. Within four hours the participants develop a control algorithm for a Java-bot - target acquisition, path finding and everything which is helpful for a robot to hold its ground.

Several methods are provided for controlling your bot: you can move it, you can use the radar to find your enemies and you can control the fat rocket launcher mounted onto your bot to give your enemy hell. But your enemy isn't idle! He moves constantly and tries to hit you with his rockets!

The participants develop their own algorithms in Java and release their bot into the arena. There it combats the other teams. The participants can watch the battle but are unable to intercept. At the end there will be one winner…

But doing this isn't even half as complicated a it sounds and also beginners in Java programming are able to participate! There also is help available on site if you are stuck. The framework is revised every time which assures that beginners and experienced participants have equal opportunities.

In the last years JRobots was supported by our sponsor CipSoft whose programmers have extended the famework. The most work was done by Raymund Fülop and Wolfgang Scholz.


The procedure of a JRobots contest is usually the following:

11:00 JRobots-Introduction
Introduction into the framework
12:00 Pizza-Time
Pizza for everyone
13:00 Robot-Coding
Extreme Programming. One team, one computer, one bot
18:00 Tournament
The decision: the robots are battling using a sophisticated lap system. JRobots_Poster_2

Earlier Events

Here you find more information of past JRobot events, such as photos and old versions of the framework: