Introduction to Rust

On the 27th of june Fabian Knorr, Master of Science in Computer Science and ex student of the university of Passau, held a talk about his beloved programming language Rust. He followed the language ever since its first release.

Rust is a system language like C or C++, allows to manipulate machine code but enforces safety without loosing speed and makes use of imperative as well as functional features.

The talk started with simple language concepts like bindings, macro invocations, how the language avoids dangling pointers or nullpointers, ownership and borrowing.

Also other concepts famous from like other languages like slicing of arrays or haskell-like pattern matching were introduced.

Afterwards generics and Rust's equivalent of a garbage collection, drop taints with the Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII) concept, were explained by Fabian. He even went more into other in depth concepts of the language and showed how the borrow checker works and causes a compile error if the lifetime of variables and references get missused.

As a great book to start and learn most of Rust's functionalitys Fabian recommends 'Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists'.

Overall a very good start into Rust vor everyone who just started learning the language, but also valuable information for fans of the language.