Looking back to the Eggdrop Contest 2015

This year, again as part of the Campusfest, our 6. Eggdrop Contest recently took place. Despite of rainy weather in the afternoon of May 23 14 teams took the challenge of constructing a device called "Eggdropper" to protect a raw egg from breaking while falling from a height of 20 meters onto the ground. To lift the Eggdroppers into the air a turntable ladder was used which was provided by the volunteer fire department of Passau which also allowed the participants to enjoy the view of Passau from above.
After two rounds 8 teams had managed to protect their Egg at least one time from destruction. The scoring did not only include the state of the eggs but also how far away from a defined point the Eggdropper landed and the creativity put into the construction. Team "Hartoff" scored the first place closely followed by the team of the fire department and team "Milch" which equal on points scored the second place. All three were rewarded with coupons for local restaurants.
We thank the fire department for their support and are looking forward to the next iteration of the contest, surely with sunny weather.