Egg-Drop Contest

|Anmeldeinformation „EGG-DROP-CONTEST XXL”|

The IEEE Student Branch Passau hosts the so called Egg-Drop-Contest, where you have to protect chickens eggs when they are dropped from a height of [STRIKEOUT:10] [STRIKEOUT:15] 20 meters. The eggs will be put into a so called egg-dropper, any kind of construct, built by you, to protect the egg, and then, the whole thing will be dropped. The one who built the best egg-dropper will win. They will be ranked by the effectiveness of the protection and the creativity. If it strays from the course, this will be negatively marked.

There are cool prices for the winners and everyone will get free food and drinks.

Until 2006 the contest took place at the FIM. But now, we get even higher so in 2011 the contest will take place at the site of the volunteer Fire-Department of Passau where the eggs will be dropped from an extended turntable ladder.



Past Events

Date Height
04.06.2003 10m
24.06.2004 10m
06.07.2006 15m
16.07.2011 20m


You have to create a construct (e.g. a Cage or a Parachute) that prevents an egg, dropped of a height of [STRIKEOUT:10m] [STRIKEOUT:15m] 20m, from breaking and will land on the target area as precisely as possible.

The construct is called an Egg-Dropper (ED). There are the following limitations on the ED:

  • The maximum size is 40cm x 40cm x 50cm.
  • It may not be heavier than 1500g.
  • The ED has to be able to stand on its own so it may be dropped through a trapdoor.
  • The ED has to provide simple access to the egg.
  • You are not allowed to use material with high viscosity like gelatin.
  • The ED may not be influenced in any way during the fall.
  • You have to make sure no person or property. (That means that you are not allowed to use dangerous substances (like acid or explosives) and electronic parts have maximum voltage of 25.)
  • Holes in the rules may not be exploited.
  • Up to 42% (weight) of the ED may consist of food. The egg does not count as food in this case.


Der Turm

Apart from points, that every successful Egg-Dropper is assigned by a secret formula (including weigth, time to land, distance to target), there will be a independent and incorruptible jury will assign a B-Vote for geniality and innovation.

The winner is the one that constructed the Egg-Dropper with the most points.


If you didn't take part in such an event and didn't completely understand what the event is about, watch videos on youtube:

YouTube – egg-drop

Of course, if you build an individual Egg-Dropper, it will achieve a better B-Vote, so be creative :-)


Normally an Egg-Drop-Team consists of 2 to 5 persons. Participating alone is allowed, too. Every member of the University of Passau (including Professors) are allowed to take part.