Advent calendar


Slides of the award presentation (german): here

By now it's already a small tradition: the award-winning programming advent claendar of the IEEE Student Branch Passau. The 4th time in a row there will be a daily programming task set during advent time. Everyone may participate and the are cool prizes waiting.

Starting from the first day of December there will be a new task behind the door every day. These tasks include problems from various fields of computer science and range from easy to hard. Every task leads to writing a small program which will get fed test cases of the problem as input and has to produce the correct output.

These tasks are especially suited as an opportunity to gain experience in various programming languages as our system supports over 24 Languages. These are not only the nowadays common and popular ones like Java or C++ but also more exotic ones like TCL, OCAML or COBOL.

Not only the students at the computer science department in Passau may participate but everyone who is interested. As every year there will be an award ceremony in January where the best participants receive their prizes.

The IEEE Student Branch Passau organizes the advent calendar the 4th time in a row. Last year it was given IEEEs »Darrel Chong Student Activity Award« which honors outstanding student activities.

The IEEE Student Branch Passau is especially thankful for the support of the Software Systems Lab and the IT department of the University for providing the necessary computing infrastructure to serve the Website and evaluate the submissions.