Looking back to the Eggdrop Contest 2014

At the 7th of June 2014 our 5. Eggdrop Contest took place. This time it was part of the Campusfest. 9 teams had set themselves to the task of building an Eggdropper which is a construction to protect a raw egg from breaking while falling freely from a height of …


FIM Barbecue Party

At the 17th of June 2014 we organized the FIM Barbecue Party together with the Fachschaft Informatik.

Professors, research assistants and students met at the place between the FIM and the ITZ eating steaks and sausages and drinking beer.
Even though the weather was not perfect at first, over 100 …

Beginning of the summer term 2014

The IEEE Student Branch Passau wishes all students a good start in the summer term 2014. We want to invite you at the same time to join our first regular meeting on 2014/04/07. It starts at 6pm c.t. in the room IM 242, afterwards we will have …


IEEE Student Branch Passu celebrates its 25th birthday

On February 20, IEEE Student Branch Passau celebrates its 25thEgg-Drop-Contest anniversary. We are glad to be participating in and enhancing day-to-day life at the university with fascinating talks and workshops for Passau's Computer Science
students. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in summer, following the 5th IEEE Germany Student Conference …

Gentoo Install Party

GentooInstallPartyAs the installation of Ubuntu is easy nowadays it's not worthwhile anymore to organize a Linux Install Party so we invented something new! We show you how to install a Gentoo system from ground up und how to perform the first steps. Ssecondarily we explain to you how to compile …


PowerPoint Karaoke

What do you get if you let some computer science students go to a conference with a randomly generated paper?

They give a randomly generated talk! And you can do the same!

What happens there?

Every participant gives a paper. He will get a projector, a notebook, the audience and …

Talks – Tools used at the University

In the winter-term 2012/13 we will host the talk-series "Tools für dein Studium" where some tools will be presented, that may come in handy during your time at the university. Different experienced students will give talks about their favorite tools. They will present software and best practices they discovered …
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