Stratosphere Flight

On the 15th of July 2023, together with the association of radio amateurs in Pocking (, we let a weather balloon soar up to the stratosphere. Equipped with sensors and an antenna for measuring air density, air humidity and temperature the ballon reached an incredible height of 40,600 km or 25228 miles. After reaching this height, the balloon popped due to the low air density and the styrofoam box filled with the measuring devices fell back down to earth with a parachute. During the balloon's ascent, we were able to use simulations to approximate the soaring time and the landing location of the balloon. With this we could start off early to retrieve the balloon, by driving towards the Lipno Reservoir in the Czech Republic together with members of the radio amateur association. The balloon however flew farther than expected, landing in a construction site in the Czech city of Budweis. Overall, the balloon landed after 4.5 hours, broadcasting its GPS data and measurements live on a website ( The APRS data packages were transmitted over the LoRaWAN ( network. Luckily for us, the parachute grounded on a roadside and was not stuck on trees or fell into a body of water, so we could easily retrieve the undamaged devices and antenna. Overall, the flight was a big success, accompanied by nice weather and an interested audience.