Report of our professors face-to-face with Prof. Wirth

WirthOn Thursday the 23rd of October 2014, professor Dr. Fabian Wirth introduced himself at our professors personally event.
First, he gave everyone a detailed insight into his academic and professional career. After conferring his doctorate in Bremen, he set off to Italy, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, and France for several short research trips.
After these trips, he worked at the Hamilton Institute in Ireland. One of the research topics was concerned with improving the implementation of TCP to use high-bandwidth links more efficiently (see: Additionally, he discovered his favourite hobby during his stay in Ireland: Golf.
Professor Wirth returned from Ireland to Germany after two years with the goal to start teaching again. He worked at the chair for mathematics II of the University of Würzburg as a professor for dynamic systems.
His next job offer came from the University of Passau for the chair of mathematics with focus on dynamic systems. However, professor Wirth also received an offer from IBM's Dublin office at the same time. Therefore, he spent another year in Ireland before finally arriving in Passau.
He was asked about his favourite programming language, but could not quite come up with an answer. He mentioned that he learnt and used BASIC, Pascal, Fortran, Modula II and C in school and university. However, he does not prefer one language over the other. For simulations he usually uses MatLab/Scilab. Afterwards, the subject changed to his favourite mathematical theorems. He used two examples to illustrate the meaning of these theorems.
All in all, the evening with professor Wirth was quite short but nevertheless very interesting. We are pleased that he took place in the professors personally event and that he joined the University of Passau.