JRobots 2018

On Saturday, 01.12.2018 it was time once again for a jRobots Competition. The developer of the framework, Ray, and a representative of our sponsor Cipsoft, Tobias, came to the University of Passau to hold the event. Along they brought the jRobots Framework, adjusted so the tanks could drive, scan in an arc before them and shoot redirectable missiles. Empowered after some pizza the participants had 4 hours to design and code the strongest robot they came up with, so their tank would be the one defeating all the other tanks created during the event. At the end every robot had to duell each other robot in a tournament. The developers behind the Splasurobot managed to not loose a single fight and won the 2 Lego Mindstorm sets, so in the future they can also build and program physical roboters. Thanks a lot once again to Cipsoft for supplying the prices and to Ray for providing the framework!